Voice and Presence Class

A 10-week Introductory Voice Class for finding your authentic and embodied voice.


Tuesdays, September 17-November 19, 2024, from 4pm-6pm PT

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Learn a voice and body warm-up for releasing tension and developing a fuller voice.


Learn how to support your voice when speaking or singing.


Gain the skills to stay present and at ease in performance.


From Ryan:

Voicework will help you feel more authentic in your acting, while also serving the practical need to be heard.


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Over the course of the 10 weeks you'll learn:

  • The Fitzmaurice Voicework® Destructuring Sequence: a voice and body warm-up sequence for releasing muscular tension, leading to more ease and freedom in your breathing and a fuller speaking voice.

  • The Fitzmaurice Voicework® Structuring technique: tools for supporting your voice so that you can be effortlessly heard, whether you're on-camera or on-stage, while feeling connected to your authentic self.

  • Organic Intelligence® techniques and tools for grounding you when your voice becomes shaky or overwhelmed by nerves or anxiety.

  • Tools for developing more vocal resonance.

  • Tools for developing more vocal range.

  • Tools for exploring text, so that your words and voice are more embodied in performance (and life!).

What past students have had to say...


Ryan’s course helped me realize I already have the voice I want...and gave me the resources to unlock and see its full potential.

-Finn Marie, actor


This is probably one of the most important classes I've ever taken as an actor and I'm using these skills on a daily basis in my life and in my acting process.

-Camille Martine, actor


Ryan is a mindful, compassionate and clear teacher. Within the first couple of classes, I started to realize the benefits of the Fitzmaurice voice work in my acting.

-Alex Shepherd, actor

Frequently Asked Questions

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Curious about what to expect?

Email me with any questions about the class. If you're interested in signing up for class, then please send me your general availability and I'll suggest some possible times for us to meet via Zoom. 

Get the tools you need to become a better actor, not just a better *sounding* actor.